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  • Pulley shell : 100% welded and ultrasonically tested
  • Shaft material matched to loads
  • Pulley flange/shell connection : 100% welded
  • Stress relieved heat treatment
  • Shell surface and bores completely finished in line after annealing
  • Shaft/flange connection with clamping device
  • Statically balanced
  • Lifetime and full product warranty against manufacturing errors*

Thickness of basic material

Stokman SCW pulleys are made using certified steel. Basic material for pulley casings:

  • Ø315     - 20mm
  • Ø400     - 20mm
  • Ø500     - 20mm
  • Ø630     - 22mm
  • Ø800     - 25mm
  • Ø1000   - 30mm
  • Ø1200   - 30mm


  • Shaft diameter Ø20mm up to Ø60mm
  • Roller diameter Ø89mm up to Ø159mm
  • Bearings with anti-blocking system
  • Bearing housings made of cast steel and CNC machined, completely in line
  • Quadruple sealing to offer optimum resistance against extreme external influences
  • Running resistance and imbalance according to standard eccentricity
  • Rollers suitable to be used within an ATEX environment
  • Suitable for belt speeds up to 6 m/s and product flows up to 6000 t/h
  • Without or with covering (rubber, PU, ​​nitrile, etc.)
  • Deviational dimensions possible upon request
  • Full product warranty of 3 years after purchase*

 Stokman SCW is European manufacturer of conveyor belt components. 

* Warranty subject to our terms and conditions of sale.

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