Stokman is the Global leader in Medium and Heavy duty conveyor system

Stokman is known as the expert in medium and heavy duty conveyor systems

Not only do we combine our decades of knowledge and experience in the production of our own conveyor belt rollers and pulleys, but also in various handling projects and issues.
Productie van transportbandrollen in werkplaats Stokman
Systems & expertise
Our expertise originated in the decades that Stokman has now been active in medium and heavy-duty conveyor systems. Stokman is known as a specialist and innovator in conveyor belts and transport systems. A role in which we continue to invest and develop.


Stokman is the supplier of conveyor rollers, pulleys and all related products. But we also supply complete systems for new installations and replacements. In recent years, Stokman has built up a track record as a knowledgeable partner for end users and system engineers.

Our knowledge and many years of expertise come into its own as a supplier of complete solutions in the form of systems for the most diverse medium and heavy-duty issues in the field of conveyor solutions. We have been able to think along about the best solution and you can find complete Stokman systems at hundreds of locations on almost every continent.


100 years of knowledge and experience have been bundled at Stokman for the best results. That is why Stokman has been known for years as the partner for solutions in heavy and medium duty transport systems.

Sustainability and total cost of ownership play increasingly important roles in conveyor systems. Our quality, production and innovation process enable us to keep our leading position. At Stokman, we believe that sustainability, profitability and continuity always begin with the right product of the right quality, used in in the right system.


Automation and robotization are already integrated at Stokman. In the future we will continue to invest in higher quality, our excellent delivery reliability and tailor made solutions. Firstly, investing in automation and robotization will guarantee the right price/quality ratio. Also, we will remain competitive as a global supplier and innovator of medium and heavy duty conveyor systems.

The latest news

Stay informed about our projects and the latest developments in and around Stokman.

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