Stokman introduces online conveyor roller configurator

Curious about Stokman’s conveyor rollers? It has never been easier to get an idea of the available options. Stokman introduces its unique Stokman Conveyor Roller Configurator, which allows you to easily put together your own conveyor roller. It’s simple and it’s online, on Stokman’s new website. In this blog we tell you more about our new website, why we developed this conveyor roller configurator and how it works. Read on!

Stokman increases online presence with new website

Quality is key at Stokman. This explains why we are the leading specialist in conveyor rollers and bulk handling systems for our international clients. We are proud of that fact and we want to also demonstrate it online. Because just like all of us, our customers are increasingly looking online for information. We have therefore been busy with a number of online projects over the past few months.

The first is the medium on which you are reading this blog, our revamped website. Featuring a new design, professional photos and our new company video, plus of course information about our conveyor rollers, drums and other services. But also who we are and how this is intertwined with our family history – you’ll find it all on our great new website.

Unique Stokman conveyor roller configurator

An important goal of our website is to provide our clients with the information they are looking for in the most accessible way possible. In line with that goal, we want our existing and future clients to be able to find the prices of our conveyor rollers quickly and clearly, so that they can decide whether Stokman might be an attractive partner for them. We have therefore made this part of our online presence and are proud to present the Stokman Conveyor Roller Configurator.

Never before have customers been able to see which Stokman conveyor rollers are available so easily, so quickly and so clearly. The configurator simply processes the data you supply in a few steps, a result rolls out and within 2 working days you get a quote for the conveyor roller you have put together. Wouter Stokman talking about the conveyor roller configurator:

“We want to offer customers something unique. This is the perfect moment to introduce customers to our conveyor rollers in this way, given our desire to showcase our products and knowledge better online. I love the fact that you can see the conveyor roller changing depending on the choices you make in the configurator. We also consider it important that it should be accessible – we offer a first step based on the minimum amount of information. But it is also important to keep in mind that at Stokman we offer custom solutions – the sky’s the limit! That’s something we like to discuss with our clients as a next step. In the short term we also want to put a configurator for our drums on the site, so that our clients can find more information about those online too.”

Wondering how the configurator works? It’s quite simple – you fill in your choices in terms of cladding, material, dimensions and numbers. If you have a drawing of the installation you want, you can upload it, after which you enter your contact details. If you have any questions while completing the form, we will of course be happy to answer them! Contact us and we’ll help you right away. If you have already checked out the configurator or perhaps even requested a quotation, we’d love to hear your experiences, feedback and tips.

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