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Stokman’s service engineers undertake professional and punctual inspection and assembly works to e.g. conveyor belt rollers and pulleys. We deliver and work on-site in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, DIN and VCA** standards.


Stokman guarantees solid system and component assembly. Our professionals are 100% reliable. We exclusively use high-grade materials and boast many years’ experience in bulk handling and conveyor belt systems. Our products contribute towards your business targets: reduced failure, reduced outage, reduced costs! Your continuity is safeguarded to the max.



One of our assembly team’s areas of expertise is vulcanisation. We provide a reliable solution.
Hot vulcanisation: fibre widths of up to 2200mm and steel cord belts up to 1800mm.



Aside from maintaining the conveyor belt systems, our service engineers also maintain other storage and transshipment equipment such as claw buckets, deposit bunkers, hoppers, dosing systems, and digging buckets etc.

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Together with a number of clients, Stokman was the first to introduce a repair follow-up programme for bulk handling plants in the Netherlands. Our unique way of working means we can periodically chart the condition of your plant. As such the likelihood of unscheduled unavailability reduces significantly; your annual production capacity increases and operational costs drop. Yet again, it can be said that Stokman equals quality.


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