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Aside from conveyor belt pulleys and rollers we have developed a range of affiliated products: Barlander systems, weigh rollers, feeder systems, free flow gates, bucket wheel trenchers and sampling equipment.

Garland system

The Garland system is a tried and tested solution for bulk handling. The greatest benefit of the Garland system is the reduction of system weight as no rolling supports are used. As such low mounting clearances are also possible. Not only that, but there is no roller contamination or blockage in the rolling supports.

Benefits of a 3 or 5 component Garland 

  • Good load-bearing
  • No spillage accumulation
  • Quick maintenance access  
guirlande systeem

Barlander system

This patented solution for belt systems offers you a spillage-free culvert point at high belt speeds (up to 4.5 m/s) and large volume flows (up to 6000 tonnes/hour). By applying stabilising slide bars, in combination with the straightening guides present in the depositing area, an ideal deposit bed arises. Your system remains easily accessible during repair or maintenance works. 

Optimal sealing

Due to the stability of the Barlander deposit bed it is possible to position the straightening guides close to the belt. This guarantees optimum sealing for longer periods of time. 

Benefits of the Barlander vs. the Garland

  • More stable depositing
  • Improved sealing
  • Quick maintenance access

Weigh rollers

Stokman SCW conveyor belt rollers amply meet the prevailing DIN standardisation for circulation and running resistance accuracy. For some applications, such as weighing hoppers, further balancing may be preferred. Stokman also delivers G6.3 (ISO 21940-11:2016) weigh rollers for highly meticulous measuring.

gebalanceerde rollen

Bucket wheel trenchers

Over and above complete bucket wheel trenchers Stokman also supplies related shaft buckets in various sizes. In addition, we repair wear parts.




By taking samples from the goods flow, a clear picture arises and error margins are minimised. The speed of this computer-driven machine ranges between 0.6 to1.2 m/sec. Maximum capacity is 60 samples per hour. This solution is of particular interest to coal terminals and companies within the agri-food sector.

 Tekening sampler


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