Stokman is a Worldwide leader in Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Rollers

The Worldwide leader in heavy duty conveyor belt rollers

Our heavy duty conveyor rollers are the result of decades of development and international experience. Our understanding of quality is implemented in every manufacturing process with the highest priority. The excellence of our quality can be observed: from the initial design concept and the production in our high-tech machine factory in Raamsdonksveer, to the assembly and maintenance of our systems on clients location. This long-term know how has led to our conveyor belt rollers lasting on average for more than ten years. For ultimate customer security, we offer a three-year warranty.

productie en materialen stokman transportbandrollen Zeer hoogwaardige en slijtvaste medium duty transportbandrol

Stokman heavy duty conveyor rollers

Stokman SCW rollers are designed and produced in our machine factory in Raamsdonksveer. We make no compromise on quality and choose the highest possible quality materials so that our rollers continue to function optimally even in extreme conditions. These values help us correspond with all industry regulations of environmental and noise standards. Stokman stands for quality, which is why all our rolls come with a 3-year warranty*.

Our rollers are unique due to the combination of high-quality materials, our own cast steel and CNC machined bearing housing, special seals, and quality bearings. This set of features results in the long life span of Stokman SCW rollers, even in extreme conditions. All our rolls comply with a minimum requirement with the DIN standards (DIN22112/DIN15207).

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Distinction through quality for 100 years

Since the foundation of our strategically oriented family-run business in 1922, we have distinguished ourselves by delivering the best quality and the best customer support, where we embrace customers as part of our team. We attach top priority to our customers’ economic success and consider no compromises when it comes to quality.

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Highest quality requirements are standard for us

We make your product completely tailored to your needs and deliver the highest standard in the market. By using only high-quality, wear-resistant materials, our rollers and drums continue to function optimally even under extreme conditions.

Customization and tailor solutions

Our products are characterized by extensive design customization and tailor-made solutions. Virtually any shape, length, color, diameter, but also shaft-bearing combination is possible.

Our top service guarantees your continuity

We are looking for the long-term success and profitability of our clients. We take future expansions to your installation into account and remain your partner in maintenance. Our highly experienced maintenance teams keep downtime to a minimum.

Knowledge, experience and in-house production

At Stokman you will receive expert advice, based on decades of knowledge and international experience. Design, Engineering and production takes place in our machine factory in Raamsdonksveer. For installation and maintenance orders we will be glad to visit your location.

Unique guarantee

We have steadily observed that through the years the lifespan of our heavy duty rollers is on average 10 years. This is why our guarantees are transparent and extensive. We give a 3 year warranty on our products.


Long-term success requires responsibility for products and the environment. We believe that sustainability starts with design and quality, a product that lasts a long time is by definition more sustainable. Our high-quality products are environmentally friendly and safe. The quality of the product design is just as important as avoiding accidents and health risks. Therefore we continue to meet energy and noise standards under extreme conditions.

Standard Specifications Conveyor Rollers

According to DIN 22.107
  • Shaft diameters Ø20mm to Ø60mm
  • Roll diameters Ø89mm to Ø159mm
  • Bearings with anti-blocking properties
  • Cast steel bearing housings, machined, fully in-line
  • Quadruple seal to provide optimum resistance to extreme external influences
  • Loop Resistance and unbalance according to standard norm eccentricity
  • Rollers are constructed in such a way that they can function within an ATEX certified machine and/or environment
  • Suitable for belt speeds up to 6 m/s and product flows up to 6,000 t/h
  • With and without upholstery (rubber, PU, nitrile, etc.)
  • Guarantee for a period of 3 years after purchase*
  • Deviating dimensions possible and on request

* Warranty according to our delivery conditions.

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