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Designed for your system

Stokman SCW conveyor rollers are specifically designed and produced to meet customers’ requirements and preferences.

All Stokman’s solutions are therefore customer-specific, and all our guaranteed rollers meet at least the DIN standards (DIN22112)/(DIN15207). 
Stokman SCW conveyor rollers are the result of decades of development and practical experience acquired on land based and seagoing systems, around the world.

Distinguish by quality

Stokman SCW only uses high-quality materials to produce its rollers.

We use certified high-quality tubes for the production of our conveyor  belt rollers. This ensures that our rollers have the highest attainability roundness, straightness and balance!

This, together with our own cast steel, CNC machined bearing housings, unique labyrinths, special seals and quality bearings is how we produce Stokman SCW rollers. 

The composition and automated production of Stokman SCW rollers result in a long service life. 
Stokman SCW rollers have a full product warranty of 3 years after purchase.*

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Balanced rollers

For some applications, such as belt weighing systems, further balancing may be required.

Stokman therefore also provides G6.3 (ISO 21940-11:2016) balanced rollers for these applications.


gebalanceerde rollen

Seagoing systems

Maritime Stokman SCW rollers and pulleys are designed and manufactured for use in the most extreme conditions faced by seagoing systems, assuring the high level of system reliability that is absolutely essential here.

maritieme rollen

Total package

We also offer a total package upon request. Aside from delivering the conveyor belt rollers we also handle assembly, maintenance and inspection. This minimises the likelihood of system failure, which contributes to optimum continuity of your plant.

* Warranty subject to our terms and conditions of sale.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team is on hand to help. Call +31 (0)162 51 60 40 or send an email »