Conveyor pulleys according to Stokman quality

Conveyor pulleys

We supply all types of conveyor pulleys, ranging from drive pulleys and tension pulleys to tail pulleys and snub pulleys. All our pulleys are tailor-made for your installation.

Stokman quality

Stokman conveyor belt pulleys are the result of decades of development, knowledge and international experience. We supply the highest standard conveyor pulleys, ranging from drive pulleys and tension pulleys to tail pulleys and snub pulleys. Always fully tailored to your system.


Stokman drum cladding

Just like our conveyor belt rollers, our conveyor pulleys are also available in stainless steel. In addition, our drive pulleys are equipped with wear-resistant rubber or ceramic cladding. In our workshop with advanced machinery we can reclad your pulley in a short time.

Installation, maintenance and inspection

You can also count on us after the production of your conveyor pulleys. Besides supplying you with conveyor pulleys, we also take care of the installation, maintenance and inspection of your systems. In this way we contribute to reducing the chance of system failure at your site and to keeping your installation functioning optimally.




Conveyor rollers that stand out time and time again.

100% Conveyor rollers that stand out time and time again.
6 m/s Suitable for belt speeds of up to 6m/s
6.000 t/u Product flows up to 6,000 t/h
anti-lock Bearings fitted with anti-lock system

Standard specifications conveyor belt pulleys

  • Shell: 100% penetration weld and ultrasonically tested
  • Shaft material tailored to occurring loads
  • Flange / mantle connection of pulleys: 100% penetration weld
  • Low voltage annealing
  • Mantle surface and bores fully machined in line after annealing
  • Shaft / flange connection through clamping sets
  • Statically balanced
  • Lifetime warranty against construction defects, as long as shell thickness > 14mm (drive pulleys > 16mm) *

Thickness of basic material

Stokman SCW conveyor belt pulleys are manufactured of certified steel. Standard thickness for pulley shells:

  • Ø315    – 20mm
  • Ø400    – 20mm
  • Ø500    – 20mm
  • Ø630    – 22mm
  • Ø800    – 25mm
  • Ø1000   – 30mm
  • Ø1200   – 30mm

Standard specifications conveyor belt rollers according to DIN 22.107

  • Shaft diameters Ø20mm up to Ø60mm
  • Tube diameters Ø89mm up to Ø159mm
  • Bearings with anti-blocking system
  • Bearing housings made of cast steel and CNC machined, completely in line
  • Quadruple seal to provide optimal protection against extreme external influences
  • Running resistance and imbalance according to standard eccentricity
  • Rollers suitable to be used within an ATEX environment
  • Suitable for belt speeds of up to 6m/s and product flows of up to 6,000t/h
  • With or without covering  (rubber, PU, nitrile, etc.)
  • Full product warranty of 3 years after purchase*
  • Different dimensions possible on request

* Warranty according to our terms of sales.


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