Stokman offers many years of expertise in conveyor belt systems

You can rely on Stokman engineers to carry out installation and maintenance work

Stokman is also a reliable partner when it comes to the installation, maintenance and inspection of your systems. Our highly experienced maintenance teams reduce downtime of your systems to a minimum.
Stokman transportbandrollen
Installation & maintenance
Our maintenance teams work on site. We work on on-shore systems and self-unloading installations on board (trailing hopper), suction dredgers or fall-pipe vessels. Professional and punctual services, always according to ISO 9001, DIN and VCA ** standards.

Production, delivery and installation

Stokman guarantees a solid assembly of systems and components.  Our assembly team specializes in vulcanization. We provide a reliable solution of hot vulcanization in fabric belts up to 2200 mm and steel cord belts up to 1800 mm.

Stokman quality, also in maintenance

Besides the maintenance of conveyor belt systems, our maintenance teams also provide maintenance for other storage and transhipment installations such as grabs, discharge bunkers, funnels, dosing systems, digging buckets, etc.

Stokman guarantees your continuity

Stokman was the first business in the Netherlands that, in cooperation with a number of customers, introduced a follow-up program for repairs of bulk handling systems. Part of our unique method are periodic inspections of the state of your installation, which will reduce the risks of unscheduled downtime.

The latest news

Stay informed about our projects and the latest developments in and around Stokman.

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