Heavy-duty conveyor belt rollers in the mining industry

What factors determine the success of bulk transport in the mining industry? Heavy-duty transport in the mining industry is characterised by the environment that puts people and machines to the test. We therefore believe that success is determined by three factors, namely product durability, innovations and the composition of one complete system. In this article, we outline these factors.

Durability in harsh conditions

Machine downtime in the production chain entails very high costs and must be minimised as much as possible. In the mining industry, an additional disadvantage of downtime is the often above-average time it takes to recover from unplanned downtime due to the inaccessibility of the system, the area and the challenges of, for example, weather conditions. Scandinavia in particular is known for its low temperatures that make work more difficult.

Materials with a long lifespan are therefore crucial to the success of heavy-duty transport systems, especially in production in harsh conditions such as in the mining industry. Stokman conveyor rollers are designed to operate for a very long time in harsh, highly polluting environments such as coal and ore mines and quarries. Our conveyor rollers and conveyor pulleys have a long lifespan thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the right lining and a custom design for every project.

Thanks to the high-quality materials we use, our conveyor rollers and pulleys are fully resistant to material fatigue and some of our rollers are still in use even after twenty years. The correct lining of rollers is crucial for a long lifespan, the material of the lining largely determines the effectiveness in moving and cleaning the rollers. Lastly, the design is the determining factor for a long lifespan. A well-functioning and durable heavy-duty transport system is fully geared to the requirements of the production chain and production environment, so the materials, dimensions and types of rollers and pulleys seamlessly match the activities.

Heavy duty transport in mining

Smart innovations in transport systems

Innovation has been in our blood for almost 100 years. Stokman is a family business, in which every generation was faced with different developments and challenges, resulting in new innovations. Almost twenty years ago, we developed a system that takes a sample from the flow at various points in your transport system to test for, for example, purity, ratio, residual traces, contamination and quality. We take several samples per shipment so your organisation can check the quality and purity of the raw materials.

An innovation in lining is most relevant to customers in remote production sites: replacing the lining on our pulleys has been drastically simplified. On new pulleys, we can bolt the lining on the drum in 50-mm strips. When part of the lining needs replacing, this part can be replaced. Thanks to this type of lining, the material lasts longer, we waste less material and it takes less than one day to replace the lining.

Composition and design of one complete system

Our heavy-duty transport systems work optimally if they fit in with your entire production process, from extraction to storage and loading onto (seagoing) ships and other means of transport. Essential to the success of your transport system is that it meets the requirements and wishes of your production process and the production location, whether in a mine, on a ship or in a quarry. That is why we are strongest when we can contribute ideas as early as the design phase.

Conveyor pulley for heavy duty transport in mining

The design of your system starts with an inventory of your wishes and requirements, such as location, facilities, capacities and whether you want to transport single or multiple loads. We map out everything so we can realise the ideal system. We make a design in line with the wishes and requirements discussed.

If you want to find out more about Stokman conveyor rollers, conveyor pulleys or heavy-duty transport systems, please feel free to contact us.

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