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The cladding of a conveyor pulley

We outline the different types of cladding for a conveyor pulley, including benefits. Read more

The importance of the drive pulley in a conveyor belt system

A drive pulley drives the conveyor belt by friction between the pulley and the conveyor belt. The pulley is driven electrically or hydraulically. Read more

Conveyor pulleys: The design

The design is essential for high-quality conveyor pulleys for heavy-duty use. We will look at 3 critical points in the design. Read more

Design and production of Stokman pulleys

The production of Stokman conveyor belt pulleys can be divided into 4 phases, from the construction of the various components to the final finish. Read more

Different types and functions of conveyor pulleys

In this blog we will explain the different functions, properties and position in the transport system of Stokman pulleys. Read more

Heavy-duty conveyor belt rollers in the mining industry

3 factors influence heavy duty transport in the mining industry: durability, innovations and one complete system. Read more

1986: The birth of the best conveyor belt roller ever, a journey of years across multiple continents.

Do you want the best conveyor belt roller? With cast bearing housings, double bearing seal and with essential fits? That is Stokman. Read more

Conveyor rollers covered with polyurethane – durability

Ships operating in severe weather conditions have to deal with extra wear and tear. Rollers covered with polyurethane offer a solution. Read more

Stokman: for top quality medium-duty conveyor rollers

Stokman now also produces medium-duty conveyor belt rolls of the highest quality. But what is the difference with our heavy-duty product? Read more

Conveyor belt roller on duty for at least 29 years!

Stokman is synonymous with quality: used in dry bulk handling for over 29 years. Read more
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