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For many years we have been the competent partner for solutions in medium and heavy duty conveyor systems. The focus of our services is always on partnership and far-reaching chain integration.

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Quality and high-performance materials

We guarantee that our product is of the highest standard in the market and fully operational for your technology. By using only high-quality, wear-resistant materials, we produce rollers and pulleys that continue to perform well even under extreme conditions.


Our products are characterized by extensive customization. Almost any shape, length, colour, diameter as well as shaft-bearing combination is possible.

Our top service guarantees the continuity of your business process

Our solutions have a long-term focus. Stokman takes future extensions to your project in account and is your partner in maintenance. Our skilled maintenance teams reduce downtime to a minimum.

In-house knowledge, experience and production

Stokman provides specialist advice built on decades of knowledge and international experience. Design and manufacturing are carried out in our machine shop in Raamsdonksveer. For assembly and maintenance we will come on site.

Unique warranty

Over the years the lifespan of our heavy-duty rollers proved to be on average 10 years. We therefore provide transparent and extensive warranties, including a 3-year warranty on our products.


Off course we also have a CSR policy. We believe that sustainability starts with the design and quality of products. Products with long life spans are by definition more sustainable. Our high-quality products continue to meet energy and noise standards under extreme conditions.


All our products are manufactured in our own machine shop in Raamsdonkveer. Here our engineers design and produce the Stokman conveyor rollers, belt pulleys and conveyor systems. We offer specialist advice and manufacture our products from high-quality wear-resistant materials in almost any shape, length, diameter, colour and combination.

Installation and maintenance

Stokman guarantees the solid assembly of systems and components. You can fully rely on our professionals, including for the inspection and maintenance of your existing installation. Apart from installing parts and systems, our teams perform inspection and maintenance work on complete systems of conveyor rollers and conveyor belt pulleys.
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Conveyor belt pulleys

Many years of development, knowledge gained and international experience have accumulated in the perfect Stokman conveyor belt pulleys. We deliver the highest standard in the market, fully tailored to your installation.

We supply all types of conveyor belt pulleys, such as drive pulleys, tension pulleys, tail pulleys and snub pulleys.

Drive pulleys with more grip

Stokman drive pulleys have wear-resistant rubber cladding or ceramic coating, which improves the grip of the pulleys. Our conveyor belt pulleys are available in stainless steel, just like our conveyor rollers.

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SCW conveyor rollers

Stokman conveyor rollers provide a guarantee of unique quality. Our conveyor rollers are the final result of many years of knowledge gained, development and international experience. They are the reasons why our rollers come with a 3-year warranty.

Maximum rounding, alignment and balance

Our conveyor rollers are unique due to the combination of high-quality materials, our own cast steel bearing seats, unique labyrinths, special sealing and quality bearings. This composition and our careful manufacturing process guarantee the long life of Stokman SCW rollers.

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Installation, maintenance & inspection

Stokman goes beyond production. We are the reliable partner when it comes to the installation, maintenance and inspection of your systems. Not only do we perform maintenance on Stokman systems and components, but for your entire installation. We understand better than anyone else that downtime, especially if not scheduled, has a major impact on your processes. By making solid inventories and applying the unique Stokman working method, our skilled maintenance teams will limit the downtime of your production process to a minimum.

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Systems & expertise

Stokman was established 100 years ago. Since then we acquired knowledge of and experience in many (international) projects and developed our products to near perfection. Nowadays we regularly share our expertise in various projects involving medium or heavy-duty conveyor systems and consult on various transport issues.


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Stokman is a family business specializing in conveyor belts and bulk handling systems

Stokman guarantees quality. Our products are the result of 100 years of knowledge and experience.

From design and production in our machine shop in Raamsdonksveer to installation and maintenance of the systems at your premises; you can rely on our professionals. Stokman supplies rollers, pulleys, systems, service and expertise directly to the end user and intermediates. Depending on our position in the supply chain, we may be active as project engineers or support project engineers. In whichever role we cooperate, our focus always remains on partnership and far-reaching chain integration.

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The latest news

Stay informed about our projects and the latest developments in and around Stokman.

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